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Welcome to Bangla Phone Secure CA’s eSign solution, eCipher, which is leading the charge in simplifying, securing, and expediting your transition to the digital realm. Our expertise lies in providing online digital signature services and advancing security and convenience measures for our users.

At eCipher, digital transformation is more than just a mission statement—it’s our commitment to every customer we serve.

We unfolded our journey recognizing a critical need in modern business. And it is speedy, verifiable, and legally-binding documentation without bureaucracy or tedious logistics. And thus, eCipher came into existence, acting as the bridge between tradition and modernity, bringing pen-on-paper signatures into the cloud with online esign capabilities.

Our Beliefs

We believe in the power of technology to do fast, great things and dissolve boundaries. Distance, timezone, location – nothing should stand in the way of your business goals. eCipher provides you with a convenient tool to overcome these obstacles. We assist you in concentrating on what truly matters by managing functional and operational commitments.

Our online digital signature solution is meant to shield you against forgery and fraud across the digital landscape. We also aim to simplify, minimize, and declutter paperwork across various industries. With us, you go green and lean, reducing the carbon footprints by trashing excessive paperwork.

Our Goals

Our online digital signature solutions enable immediate transactions and support extended digital growth. With Bangladesh and other nations embracing the legality of electronic signatures, our services thrive in a progressive legislative environment. Embrace hassle-free and secure e-signatures for streamlined processes and enhanced business opportunities.

We persistently grow and evolve, mirroring off our early-adopter customers who earnestly take advantage of our crowning gem service – “digital signature online.” Their experiences and feedback impart us essential knowledge and enthuse us to refine, create adequately, and deliver efficient, cyber-secure services promptly.

Advanced encryption technology, integration with essential utilities, simple yet flexible user interface – they all roll up to what our digital signature algorithm provides. But, fundamentally, it’s all about fostering business culture where you deal confidently, signed right from your screen, in lightning speed.

Our Commitment

We commit ourselves for a digital environment alive with potential. eCipher highlights this commitment, partnered with you in this transformative journey, as we re-envision productivity in the grasp of innovative technologies. Join us, seize the power of a simple “digital signature online,” decide faster, and optimize every move towards undeniable growth.

For more detail into our offerings or any further queries, reach out to our delightful, expert team. We’re here to support you as we all forge ahead in maximising the potential of the digital landscape. Enrich your standard workflows—Stamp a digital signature and let eCipher guide your way. Remember, digital signatures aren’t just the future; they breathe in the very here and now – Join eCipher, go digital, and reach horizons beyond!