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What is eCipher?

eCipher the best digital signature solution, which enables people to sign documents online. eCipher ensures the authenticity of the signer and the security of an electronic contract or document.

 Any user can upload a document through his/her computer, tablet, or smartphone, sign the document, and then send it to multiple people to get their signature using the eCipher. This way, they can sign online without having to go through the traditional process.

 However, before getting onboard, users are verified through the National ID database server, passport, or biometric authentication.

 eCipher (e-Sign) is legally binding by the Law of Bangladesh Government.

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Why you choose eCipher as your Digital Signature solution?

eCipher is a legally recognized Digital Signature solution.
From trade agreements and proposals to account openings and invoicing, the eCipher eSign solution is the most popular way to sign and deliver documents at anytime and from anywhere in the world. So, get your work done more quickly and effectively with eCipher.

The following are the key advantages of using eCipher:

  • Convenience & Hassle Free Signing
  • Real-time Authentication
  • Saves Time & Increase Efficiency
  • Save Resources & Money
  • Green & Paperless Solution

It’s time to use electronic signature eCipher

It’s time to use elecreonic signature


Steps to use electronic signature by using eCipher eSign Service

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eCipher is a legally recognized eSign solution. It carries the same legal weight as traditional, paper-based ones. eCipher completely complies with the ICT Act 2006 and any other laws, directives published by the Government of Bangladesh. eCipher follows CCA e-Sign guidelines (2020) and ensures security.


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CCA Guideling

CCA Guideling

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Difference between Traditional & eSign?

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Is eCipher legal?

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Your trusted eSign partner-eCipher.

eCipher is the most popular way to sign and deliver documents at anytime and
from anywhere in the world. So, get your work done more quickly and effectively
with eCipher.

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eCipher - Automate Your Document Signing With Digital Signature

eCipher – an eSign solution which is an electronic signature, ensuring authenticity of the signer, security to an electronic contract or a document. eCipher is a legally recognized eSign solution to get your work done more quickly and effectively at anytime from anywhere in the world.

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