1. What is an e-signature?

E-Sign or electronic signature is an efficient, legally binding way to get approval on electronic documents. E-Sign is secure and verifiable and can replace a handwritten signature in virtually any process.

Key points:

  • At any time & from anywhere
  • Ensures the signer’s authenticity
  • Creating State of non-repudiation
  • Ensure the document’s integrity
  1. How does e-signature work?

When a signer electronically signs a document, the signature is created with the signer’s private key, which the signer always keeps secure. The mathematical algorithm works like a cipher, generating data based on the document and encrypting it. The resulting encrypted data is the electronic signature. The time when the document was signed is also written on the signature. The signature will be invalid if the document is tempered after you sign it.

  1. What is the difference between Traditional & e-Signature?

Basically, we use an electronic signature to confirm the terms of a particular document, equivalent to a handwritten signature. The only difference is that an electronic signature is digitized, but it is also used to verify a document.

  1. What are the benefits of e-signature?

You can benefit from e-signature in many ways. In comparison to using a pen and paper, it makes collecting signatures easier, faster, and much more effective. It helps you save time and money by not having to print, sign, scan, or mail your documents and forms. The following are the key advantages of using e-signature:

  • Convenience, Hassle-Free Signing
  • Saving time and increasing efficiency
  • Save both resources and money.
  • Office Automation
  • The Green and Paperless Process
  1. Is e-Signature legal?

Electronic signatures carry the same legal weight as traditional, paper-based ones.

  1. What is eCipher?

eCipher – a digital signature that is a remote electronic signature, ensuring the authenticity of the signer and security to an electronic contract or a document, and enabling people to sign a document online.

  1. Why eCipher is the best?

eCipher is a legally recognized digital signature solution. You can get your work done more quickly and effectively by using eCipher. From trade agreements and proposals to account openings and invoicing, the eCipher eSign solution is the most popular way to sign and deliver documents anytime and anywhere in the world.

The following are the key advantages of using eCipher:

  • Follows CCA e-Sign guideline (2020)
  • eKYC App for Customer Onboarding
  • Basic Sign – generates a new certificate for every signing
  • Provides API for Business Applications
  • API only takes the HASH value of data or documents
  • Ensures security according to CCA guideline
  1. How do I create an eCipher for my electronic signature?

The process is simple:

  • Selection of Business Application
  • eCipher DMS, or 3rd Party Business Application (BA)
  • Integration for 3rd Party BA
  • Choose a Plan
  • Choose a signing Plan with financials & validity
  • Sign Up in the BA
  • Sign up in the Business Application
  • Sign the document
  • User Onboarding with eKYC
  • NID for Local User
  • Passport/Driving License for foreign User
  1. Which files are supported in eCipher?

  • PDF
  • XML Data
  • Web Form
  1. What are eCipher used for?

  • Agreements (Contract, SLA, NDA, MOU)
  • Reports (Any report, Analytics, Business Data)
  • Forms (Any type of forms, office memo, TA/DA form, Requisition form)
  • Purchase Order or Work Order
  • Any other documents that are used for ink sign
  1. Legal Ground of eCipher

eCipher is a legally recognized eSign solution. It carries the same legal weight as traditional, paper-based ones. eCipher entirely complies with the ICT Act 2006 and other laws/rules/directives/notifications published by the office of the CCA or by the Government of Bangladesh. eCipher follows CCA e-Sign guidelines (2020) and ensures security according to CCA guidelines.

  1. Is eCipher secure?

Yes, it is. eCipher ensures security according to CCA guidelines.